Google Go Local

By 7th November 2014News

When you think of Google you think Global right? You think big brand, and big scale?

Well I certainly do – that was until I attended a Google focus group to see what new thinking was on their horizon.

So it was with real interest that I listened to their potential plans to launch regional hubs across the UK to deliver innovative training, new thinking and help forums, all delivered in an urban coffee hub style format to the digital industries and SME’s of the world north of London. This is something I’m really interested in, and if their plans take off, will deliver real insight to creative businesses like ours to keep our clients one step ahead of the game.

As a marketing agency, Google can sometimes feel like a powerful, faceless brand giant with little regard for agencies trying to deal with its ever moving goal posts – so I for one would be delighted to embrace a more human element of Google to help businesses understand and plan their strategies better.

Here’s hoping their ideas come to fruition and don’t get lost in the latest Penguin pedantics.


  • Google to set up regional HUBS
  • Deliver Incisive insight 
  • Will support us to help you 
  • Will help keep you ahead of the search game
OWB’s resident Google expert, Graham Large, added: “Earlier this year, I visited one of Google’s London offices to sit my Advanced AdWords exam. There was a real buzz about the place, and if that type of atmosphere can be replicated in Birmingham it will only be a good thing for local agencies like us.”