Four tips that should form part of your 2017 marketing strategy

By 23rd December 2016News

With 2016 quickly drawing to a close, now is the time to reflect on 2016 and start to think about your marketing plans for the New Year. In this post we give you tips to help inform your 2017 strategy.
Create content for readers with short attention spans
In today’s world everything is fast: your readers are not likely to read very lengthy content, no matter how good it might be. Spend time writing an engaging title and a short, snappy introduction, as you want to draw your reader’s attention from the outset. Including relevant images will also help.  Focus on content that is high quality that your readers will genuinely enjoy.
Get more local traffic to your website
How often do you use the search term ‘near me’? Make sure that you create content at a local level as well as on a national level to engage audiences near and far. As well as listing your business in directories such as the chamber of commerce and trade organisation publications, it is advantageous to create a Google business listing for your company.
Visual advertising
Review your advertising for 2017. Are your ads visually engaging? Are you using concise and clear content? Are you yet to try LinkedIn advertising? Wish to try advertising through Facebook? Create a list of your goals and which platforms might best help you achieve them. Video advertising is set to increase in popularity through 2017, and is currently available on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
Marketing automation
Most businesses are aware of the benefits of marketing automation, but often don’t know where to start. We are giving you 3 tips that you can implement in 2017.

  • Email automation: Many ESPS will give you automation options – perhaps to auto send an email when a user signs up to your database, or a bespoke offer code on the user’s birthday. Key to making a start with automation is the quality of your data – ensure that you have customers’ details and segment your data into relevant categories. From there, the potential up- and cross-sell is huge.
  • Social media automation: There is plenty of software out there that makes it easy for you to share your valuable content. It also worth creating a quarterly content calendar, detailing which content you will be sharing, when and where. The most successful Twitter users share Tweet on average 3 times a day – are you missing out on an opportunity?
  • Landing pages: Are your landing pages optimised? Automation of landing pages use to be complicated but it becoming a lot easier. Creating optimised landing pages for specific target audiences will help increase conversions.

For now, wishing you a very successful 2017. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your 2017 strategy.