Belfry Sporting Club is a pedigree marquee in dinner-club entertainment

By 15th October 2013News

Thank you to Angus Fraser, ex England fast bowler and MD of Middlesex CC for a hugely entertaining evening at a packed Belfry Sporting Club.

A few club firsts; being under canvas whilst the Belf goes through its £30m makeover, a wonderfully entertaining power cut and two lady guests (we think they were in the wrong room)….all adds to the rich history of one of the UK’s best-loved dinner clubs.
Angus was fantastic and lead a great Q&A covering the future and the present in cricket. All of course wrapped up at the BelAir.

Wilkinson, Fraser, Stainer – demon quick attack
Under canvas… The Sporting Club starts to gather…

Andrew Caddick joins the quicks…