Make 2017 an award winning year

By 10th February 2017News

5 reasons why winning an award should be part of your marketing strategy.
1.Marketing & PR
Even if you don’t win on the night (obviously it would be nice if you did), being shortlisted is already enough to improve your brand awareness, helping your business take advantage of invaluable PR opportunities. This will be especially effective and help build reputation if your burgeoning brand is relatively unknown in the market.
2. Benchmarking
Entering an award often means looking at your business from a different perspective. A complete review of your business or analysing your competitors will provide you with the opportunity to compare and contrast within the industry. The whole process will urge you to consider new ways of improving the overall performance of your business.
3. Seal of approval 
Whether you end up winning the award or finish shortlisted, being associated with a prestigious industry award will be viewed as a seal of approval by current and lapsed customers. This seal of approval will be a mark of quality, credibility and industry recognition.
4.Employee motivation
Being shortlisted for an award will recognise the hard work of your employees. Selecting a few key members of staff to attend the night will also make them feel valued and appreciated, also providing great networking opportunities.
5. Attract talent 
Who doesn’t want to work for an award winning company? By marketing yourself as an award winning company, you will position yourself as an industry leader and attract talented individuals that will push your business forward.
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