Andy tests Diet Chef

By 6th January 2016News

New Year, New You! That’s what I thought when I kick started Diet Chef a weekly plan designed to help you lose weight.
This was the first time I have ever tried a meal plan and I was quite impressed. My current diet is good, albeit with too many lunches out with clients. Being out early often means skipping breakfast, then picking something up on the way, which isn’t great – especially when trying to teach your children the importance of a good diet. When I received the Diet Chef box I was quite excited how filled it was with the bright Diet Chef goodies.  It also came with tips and an outline plan. The programme was very regimented and broke down into four-day parts.
Overall the food was very nice, tasty and intriguing…. though the pasta pot reminded me of a Pot Noodle. I would recommend this plan if you need to diet as it gives you a structured meal plan. But you really need a non-peripatetic lifestyle to regulate your intake daily. To lose weight, you need to ensure it is integrated with, say, use of the gym. It’s not a quick win.
Meal plans tested iet Chef 4 week plan