Don’t break your baubles with our 7 social media twinkling tips

By 8th December 2017News

Our gift to you. You could increase visibility for your Christmas and New Year social media campaigns today:
1. Pin posts to the top of your Facebook profile: pinning posts to the top of your page will not only enhance their visibility but will also widen the reach of your campaign or your Christmas inspired competition. Anytime anyone visits your profile this post will be the first thing they see.
2.Spread the Christmas cheer and create specific hashtags:  generate targeted twitter followers through creating your own custom made hashtags that are more likely to get in front of your targeted audience.
3. Tailor your profile and header images to project your brand: your profile and header images are a staple part of your brand identity you should ensure that they are a projection of your brand personality, as this will impact on how your audience resonates with you!
4. Ensure landing pages are shareable: if you’ve created a landing page specific to your Christmas campaign or promotion, make it easily accessible for your intended audience to share it.
Include clear call to actions and share buttons to encourage people to share. Dependent on the nature of the campaign you can incentivise sharing, with added value competitions or special offers to evoke curiosity and intrigue amongst your audience, in turn you are more likely to get in front of a targeted audience.
5. Optimise use of socials ads to increase your reach: if you have the budget, utilising social media ads is a quick way to increase the visibility of your campaign. The countdown to Christmas is the prime time to spend big and is a key opportunity to sell your goods and services.
Social advertising targeting has a degree of robustness that means you can hone in on your current following and expose your brand to new eyes. Specifically segment out your different audience sets to reach people who will be interested in your brand.
6. Follower campaign: generate targeted twitter followers and grow your audience base, leveraging your centre of influence. Focus on following direct customers or target complementary competitor followers, who are likely to be interested in your sector and are hence a more relevant audience.
7. Track your campaign results: last but not least, keep track of your campaign results and everything you do, so that you can improve future efforts and take away key learnings. Tracking your level of impact can help you set benchmarks or recognise areas where more intense planning is needed to increase visibility for your next big marketing campaign.
Let it snow and grow your brand
So, to conclude, by refining your social strategy during this period you will be more likely to project your campaigns in front of a more relevant and engaged audience. These simple tips could be key to bringing some sparkle in to your marketing campaign and make it the most wonderful (and most profitable) time of year for your brand going forward.
MERRY MARKETING from everyone at OWB
7 Social Media Tips at Christmas