Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Forget Brexit, it’s all about Brandsync!

There maybe political chaos here at home at the moment with our European friends as we wrestle over Brexit…but in Frankfurt as OWB met with their international partners for the 27th Annual Comvort conference it was purely a case of friendships, fun and further collaboration as we discussed how we can work together in the […]


Team OWB were out in force last Monday bright and early heading to Cheltenham as part of a fully-fledged filming crew. Our mission – to bring the fun into studying by creating a highly dynamic and engaging Brand Awareness video, to promote our client Open Study College, the Home of Distance Learning. It was a […]

The intelligent way to find your customer online…

Do you dream of being able to find your customers online and compete for their attention amongst the myriad of distractions and other advertisers fighting for them? Of course you do! It’s what every business wants – to be able to identify your ideal customer and target them with your advert just at the right […]