Monthly Archives: November, 2011

Get Your Monations in QUICK!

It’s the final week of Movember and the MOWB team are still going strong! Jonsey is displaying some real bushy brilliance, Andy has taken the morning off for a grooming session (removing the greys I believe) Mike is now slightly more noticeable but has agreed to start next years Movember in June and Norm has […]

Frazier’s Christmas Wine Tasting

A Guide to Frazier’s Christmas Wine Tasting, 24th November at The Forest, Dorridge, Solihull… DO have a bite to start. It would be a good idea to not start on an empty stomach! (Try our tasting platter from the award winning Forest team available to pre order). DON’T attempt to try all the wines! Walk […]

Fantastic LDC Quiz Night – £80,000 raised for Charity

OWB masquerading as Digbeth University Master Brains, took part in the national LDC quiz last night, over 100 teams took part across the country competing for the coveted title of ‘Champion Quiz Team’ – we excelled taking 3rd place nationally…the clincher was possibly Norm’s stunning Justin Bieber answer…many thanks to LDC Midlands for superb hospitality […]

Mogress Update! We are 1 week into Movember so its time for an Update on the guys progress: Andy: Looking more like Ned Flanders every day, you could say his progress is Fantashtic Jonesy: Close second behind Andy, there is clear distinction between mo and stubble, however a worrying hint of ginger is emerging Norm: […]

Taste some spectacular wines for Chrimbo

Fraziers Wine Merchants are putting a wonderful tasting evening on 24th November at The Forest Hotel, Dorridge, Solihull…get online, get a ticket and get some bargains

Bryony Doubles up!

Star OWB designer Bryony Cork is struggling to cope with her new found fame, after seeing two of her ads hit the press on the same day! Fraziers Wine Merchants and Midland Heart both released ads on Wednesday (3rd November) leaving Bryony and OWB seeing double. Congratulations Bryony!