Monthly Archives: February, 2011

Modelling in your own work!!

comedy, me and Cath, and this is the before and after for Greene King

A Wonderful Brazilian

Our Brazilian buddy Marcello Borges Barbusci has set up ONE-i, a new full-service agency in Sao Paulo, he’s off to a flying start with major clients already in the largest and most famous museums in Brazil, the MuBE (MuBE – Museu Brasileiro da Escultura) and ABIPECS – Associação Brasileira de Importadores e Exportadores de Carne Suína (National Association for Import and […]

Great night in the Balti Triangle…

Placing the kicking tee on one’s head, is not the best idea….

But then rugby players have never been known for their brains….however a stonking win finished off a great all-round rugby weekend.

Good luck Pecka

Sad news for Walsall player and all round good guy ‘Pecka’ who suffered a terrible broken leg and is sitting out the season on the touchlines, good luck with the recovery old chap. But in good news Walsall are doing well, sitting mid-league and the OWB logo still comes up bright and breezy in the […]