Monthly Archives: October, 2010

Buddha’s Boozy Rum Cake leaves OWB sloshed….

Lovely Sammie (daughter of the Laird of Ludlow otherwise known as the Buddha) joins OWB for a couple of days work experience and delivers homemade Ginger and RUM cake…definitely heavy on the Rum its fantastic and so is Sammie as she gets to grip with her first live brief (making coffee to go with the […]

The Brains of Britain

What can we say out of over 300 teams across 7 regions with some of the worlds finest financial, legal and professional services brains OWB finished 2nd Regionally and 3rd Nationally in the LDC Charity Quiz – with former egghead Norm, physicist Stupot, Music afficiando DJ Joneseyboy, former Welsh Netball triallist Issy, ex-driving instructor Shari […]

Stu passes test on 42nd attempt..

Stu kangaroos down Floodgate Street and scrapes to a stop outside OWB Towers…the mean machines has passed his test and the keys to the City are his…VROOOOOOOOOOM

New Brand, New Season, New Shorts and Shirts

The new OWB brand once again adorns the hallowed places on Walsall RFC’s shirts and shorts, and we’re off to a good start to the season with a 66 plus win on Saturday. There will be no entry for our day out at Celtic Manor – it will never be mentioned due to rain (we’re […]