Monthly Archives: November, 2009

British Lion vs Walsall Veterans

Colly, Ello, Smithy, Wilko, Paul Wallace, RH, Ange, Horses, Halbie and Blade at the Belfry Sporting Club Paul managed to get some vital tips on front row skullduggery from Walsall’s finest…mind you looks like I’m about to take one for the team there at the front!

You”ll never get a taxi home…

…but we did! Managed to nick 4 Irish guys taxi from outside Anfield (sorry lads) Great night, what an atmosphere, apart form the guy who dropped his bat after eating one too many pies! True old-fashioned hospitality right from The Sandon and Dodds beforehand to the proper gents on the hospitality door in Main Stand […]


Back at Fortress Delves for the BIG 40th game, after much application of ralgex, deep heat and mascara KO draws near. Loyal fans who follow me for every comeback game, stop me to sign the programme…these are the people you do it for, the real fans

Please return my nipple..

After making a daring rugby comeback in Chimp vs Horses celebration 40th birthday match at Walsall RUFC, I seem to be the antithesis of Scaramanga….if anyone sees it please let me know.