Monthly Archives: October, 2009

Gosh haven’t updated the Blog for a while….

……so here’s a pic of my niece Stephers (ugly one with the blond hair!) about to do things to Rik Mayall…(Not sure who the one with the squirrel is on her head mind!)

Love is all around us….

A very strange occurrence happened on the way back from the pitch… sounds like the beginning of a story! We dropped into a pub outside Stoke, the Landlord introduced himself as Reg Presley from the 60’s band the Troggs (even though everyone in the pub called him Dave) please share with us any other occurrences […]

We love the cake….

Its great when a plan comes together and  for all the hard work on the  new brand developments Legal and general sent out thanks you cakes to all regional teams. Cheers guys.