Monthly Archives: September, 2008

Work Experience Works…..

And here’s the testimonial to prove it! India was with us for a fun-packed two weeks and this is what she thought about life in OWB…. My OWB experience Work experience can often be thought of as being a coffee making, photocopying fortnight, which doesn’t sound appealing. So I tried to sort out a two […]

After the Pitch…

..there can’t be anything better than regrouping, gathering thoughts asking the eternal questions of “did they like..”, “will they go with…”, “why did I forget to say..” by the side of a canal in a beer garden watching people try to park their canal boats! This couple of laughing boys took over 25 minutes to […]


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Top five entrepreneurs act as ambassadors for West Midlands

Five of the West Midlands’ topentrepreneurs have been named as business ‘ambassadors’ for the region. The ambassadors programme, launchedby Business Link in the West Midlands, hopes they will showcase the valueof advice and specialist support, and encourage greater collaboration betweenpublic and private sector organisation. The five ambassadors are:■ Nigel Eades, managing director of Tri-Ridium Limited, […]

OWB First Blog Post

Welcome to the fine world of OWB, on the same historical day as the Large Hadron Collider is switched on to recreate the aftermath of the BIG BANG, here I am editing our first blog (H you never thought this would happen….!)