Frazier’s Christmas Wine Tasting

By 23rd November 2011News
A Guide to Frazier’s Christmas Wine Tasting, 24th November at The Forest, Dorridge, Solihull…

DO have a bite to start. It would be a good idea to not start on an empty stomach! (Try our tasting platter from the award winning Forest team available to pre order). DON’T attempt to try all the wines! Walk the room. Talk to the people behind the booth and allow them to steer you towards a few bottles to try. Have a strategy. Are you after new varieties? Did you want to approach your favourites first or save them for last? DON’T feel that you have to empty your glass. Our team will give you a decent pour but don’t feel that you have to drain the class each time. It’s perfectly acceptable to pour the wine out and move to another one. And yes…it is acceptable to spit! DO talk to people. Ask questions. Wine people are quite friendly and do like discussing the wine. You might even make a few friends. DO take your time. Pace yourself. Wines start pouring at 7:00pm and will keep on pouring until 9:00pm, making it truly an evening not to be Missed. To purchase a ticket please visit have an enjoyable evening.