A day in the life of an intern at OWB – courtesy of student Mark!

By 9th December 2019News

Being an intern at OWB has been a wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot from the team here and I’m sure that I will continue to learn even more as I progress in my work placement. The best thing for me was that I was thrown in the deep end as soon as I walked in the door. This may sound daunting but it was extremely exciting and rewarding for me; I was absorbing information like a sponge from the moment that I got here, which is more than I can say for my friends in big corporate companies making coffee runs and photocopying documents.

Our intern Mark!

My typical day as an intern normally starts with me waking up at 6:45am every morning, allowing myself to rest my eyes for a few seconds because ‘I deserve it!’ then suddenly realising that its now 7:30 and what felt like 5 seconds has somehow morphed into nearly 45 minutes. Once I have rushed through my morning routine – shower, breakfast, teeth and (the most important part of my morning routine) hair, its time to rush to the station to catch the train into Moor Street. Upon arriving at the building I am met by the unpleasant sight of 6 flights of stairs.

I enter the office, where the very lovely faces at OWB never fail to greet me with a cheerful “Good morningggg!” – my replies often don’t match the enthusiasm of the greeting. I then sit down at my desk and look at the tasks of the day that I have stuck on my computer screen and work commences.

My time here has allowed me to be involved in a diverse mix of tasks that have given me the ultimate experience and allowed me to develop my understanding of what I want to do in the future. I think when most people think of internships, they think of people filing and making cups of coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made more than a few rounds since I’ve been here, but the opportunities for working on live briefs for important clients has been key to my role. From client market research and competitor presentations, to creating content for blog posts and co-ordinating social media schedules, I have been involved in a wide range of tasks. My input has been valued and comments have been taken on board, which has made me feel like a valued member of the team.

There is no ‘typical’ day, every day is different, with a busy calendar of meetings, pitches and social events. Always something new to get involved with and sink my teeth into!

What I have found working at OWB is the office dynamic between all the employees is absolutely fascinating and is one of the reasons why working here is so good. At the top you have the ‘dynamic duo’ of Andy and Shari. Their work relationship is wonderful; they take care of me as an intern whilst also making sure that I have plenty of work to be getting on with. The ‘dynamic duo’ are experts at what they do, and they combine their brilliant business minds with their creative genius, which is one of the many reasons for the success of their business (I’ll just leave my CV on your desk Shari… 😉 ). Although it seems that a lot of Shari’s spare time is spent telling off Andy for his trademark ‘Andy humour’ whilst trying to hold back the laugh that is so obviously yearning to burst out.

The other 8 reasons why OWB is a highly sought-after creative agency are the employees that are the backbone of the agency. Working with this team has been extremely insightful and interesting and I feel very lucky as I have had the opportunity to see what goes into creating a cohesive, productive but most of all fun working environment. Even if I did quite often lose in the 3pm ‘Darts for Tea’ tournament!