5 Hot Digital marketing updates July

By 2nd July 2018News

With a bonkersingly boiling June behind us, we have been reflecting on hot 5 updates in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing! So go and grab yourself an (iced) coffee and get up to date in just 5 minutes.
Facebook improves usability and cracks down on fake accounts
With Facebook under attack earlier this year in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has been on a mission to improve consumers opinion of them. They’ve begun by improving users news feeds by prioritising local news, this aims to increase engagement-reach on posts at a geographical level. However, this could cause a few problems for nationwide businesses which will see their posts demoted. Last month, Facebook managed to find and close down 1.3m spam and bot accounts giving users a more enjoyable experience.
Instagram introduces video chat option
What’s better than catching up with your friends via video chat? Instagram now allows users to have a 4-way video chat with your friends, whilst still being able to scroll through your feed. In addition to this, Instagram has also introduced an ‘explore now’ section which groups relevant content together. Content is becoming more and more important for the social media channels allowing businesses and individuals to explore these opportunities.

Twitter news updates
Once again, Twitter has updated its news feed, this time grouping and showing the most prominent news articles first. To avoid being left behind, Twitter is trying now, more than ever to find its space in the social media universe.
Pinterest grows
According to Social Media Today; Pinterest is having a growth spurt and now has over 250 million monthly users worldwide. Whilst it is often neglected as a social media channel, Pinterest has been quietly working on its machine learning tools, new systems and processes to predict user behaviour. It might be worth bearing Pinterest in mind when you’re putting your next social media plan together, especially if you love strong imagery.
Google to notify users when a business owner responds to a review
Now, when a user leaves a review on a company page and the business owner responds, the user will be notified. This highlights the fact that Google is encouraging users to review companies and business owners to think about their responses. Google is trying to position itself as the local platform for the businesses and users.
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