Lionel Hitchen

Lionel Hitchen is an independent, family owned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of flavour ingredients to the food and beverage industry. In 1965, Lionel Hitchen founded a business sourcing, creating, manufacturing and supplying the finest flavour ingredients. Today, over five decades later, Lionel Hitchen is still an independent family-owned company, driven by that same passion.

OWB were tasked with a full re-brand that better communicated the breadth of products and services offered by Lionel Hitchen – then Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils) Limited – whilst still maintaining a sense of brand heritage.

Cue a logo redesign, full suite of collateral, fresh new website with bespoke photography, video presentation and large-scale exhibition work, which brings the brand bang up-to-date and solidifies their place in the market.