Work Experience Works…..

By 24th September 2008News

And here’s the testimonial to prove it! India was with us for a fun-packed two weeks and this is what she thought about life in OWB….

My OWB experience

Work experience can often be thought of as being a coffee making, photocopying fortnight, which doesn’t sound appealing. So I tried to sort out a two week placement that would challenge me but at the same time, get a real working experience and have fun. I definitely found it.
Walking into the office at OWB I felt the atmosphere straight away, a friendly, buzzing team, ready for a challenge. After being introduced to them in turn, I realised they were all really lovely and ready to have fun whilst they worked.
On my first day, taking me out to a business meeting I realised that this team were set for the challenge ahead, each of them playing a vital part in the job.
Every member of the team had something different to bring to the table, which is why they are so successful.
Their creative minds and ‘head on’ attitude (as well as a fair few cups of tea along the way) served them well when pitching for a new project.
After the two weeks, I had memorised everyone’s orders for coffee and tea, which was hard as Andy always changed his mind.
The two weeks at which I worked at OWB put advertising as a strong contender for job prospects in the future as I had such a good time.
The team at OWB exceeded my expectations and I wasn’t looking forward to having to go back to school.

I would like to thank the whole team for making the experience worthwhile.

Thank you.