The Science of Social Timing

By 2nd May 2018News

An integral part of any marketing plan is the crafting of engaging, memorable and inspiring content, that is fresh and relevant. This creates a solid foundation for creating meaningful connections with audiences, with the intention of building long lasting relationships.
You need to exceed customers’ expectations and serve them with useful and highly engaging content that breaks through the noise. The power of content is ever growing and Ad blocking poses an ongoing obstacle, meaning that digital marketers are seeking other methods to get their message across to audiences.
So, you have your spectacular content ready and raring to go, now you need to pinpoint which distribution channels you want to push your content from; Social Media Platforms, Email and Blogs, but WHEN do you disseminate your content to ensure optimal results are gained? TIMING is everything for capturing your audience, to ensure maximum exposure when you share content, in turn customer engagement levels could sky rocket.
We have pulled together a highly insightful infographic that maps out the science of social timing: