Logo trends for 2018

As mentioned in our most recent branding blog, good branding isn’t just about a good logo, it’s about so much more. Your logo is one of your most recognisable assets so it needs to be right and it needs to be good. Like anything in this world, logo trends are constantly changing and developing. Recognising […]

Developing the Twycross Zoo Brand

Rebranding is and always will be a slippery slope, just look at Airbnb. They found this out the hard way with some people taking to social media to express their thoughts, some referred to it as twee, whilst other pointed out the unflattering anatomical comparisons. However, when Twycross Zoo came to us in 2015 wanting […]

Why is a good brand important to your marketing strategy?

A Good branding strategy is more than just a memorable logo, good branding can increase the value of a company, provides the company direction and makes getting new business easier. Decades ago branding was simply defined as; a name, slogan, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of them all. Nowadays, defining what a brand is, […]

Hidden Logo Meanings

How many hidden logo meanings have you spotted? Logos are everywhere: on our clothes, on the items we use everyday and even on the food packaging that we buy. But have you ever wondered where the idea behind the logo came from and what they actually mean? Many of the logos that we recognise and […]

Should Chatbots be a fundamental part of your 2018 marketing strategy?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolving rapidly, more companies are integrating Chatbots as part of their marketing strategy. Firstly, you may be unfamiliar with the terminology Chatbots? They are in fact computer programs that enable customers to chat with a “bot”, as if they were talking to a real person, giving you instant answers to your […]

Birmingham Live #BigOnBrum

We’re BIG on Brum. And we’re also big on copywriting and brand positioning, demonstrated through our work helping to position and launch ‘Birmingham Live’ – the new digital channel for the Birmingham Mail, published by Britain’s largest newspaper group – Trinity Mirror. The aim was to better reflect the city of Birmingham with a live, vibrant, […]

OWB’s most loved Valentine’s Day campaigns

Swoon over these clever and creative love-filled marketing campaigns that attempt to capture our hearts and attention. We’re feeling the <3 here at OWB and we are turning to some of our favourite brands for some lessons in love. Love it or loathe it Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative times of […]

How to create flippin’ great content for people to share

To celebrate Pancake Day we are serving up some sweet tips, including a well-blended mix of ingredients for creating a perfect content strategy. Shareable content will attract the attention of followers on your site, blogs and social media platforms. Once you get the knack of it and into the habit you will be a content […]

Establishing an effective influencer marketing strategy

With more companies looking for exposure online, influencer marketing saw a huge growth in 2017 and our expectations are that this will only increase further in 2018….. So first of all – what is influencer marketing? This is a marketing strategy that uses an individual (influencer) with a large social media following base to sell […]

Princess sails into the New Year with another award

  Another year, another round of boat shows. It’s a hard life working with our fantastic client Princess Motor Yacht Sales – life’s a breeze you could say! The OWB team took a little trip over to ExCel London to show our support, and of course to look at many of these stunning boats up […]