Gym secrets unveiled….

By 12th June 2009News

We believe at OWB that a fit mind creates a fit and active business, so we have decided to let you have a sneak preview of Wilkinshaft’s amazing super gym session, follow these simple guidelines and you too can be a lean mean machine:
Step 1 – arrive at gym around 6.20 am, realise you have only half of your kit, rummage lost property
Step 2 – get changed, adjust thong in mirror, quick motivational talking to….you can do it!
Step 3 – go upstairs to gym, (tough) 2 flights…check pulse, rest, intake of water
Step 4 – plug into running machine, no sound, choose another, quick 4 mins of running (level 1)
Step 5 – stretch, yawn, stretch, scratch…adjust thong
Step 6 – weights……yep look at the weights…..walk on
Step 7 – back down 2 flights of stairs, relax, intake of water
Step 8 – shower….lots of hardcore hairdryer action, lift, blow, comb, relax
Step 9 – few stomach intake side ons in mirror….in/hold/relax (repeat all-day)
Step 10 – McDs for big breakfast….
With this session, I guarantee results.