Forget Brexit, it’s all about Brandsync!

There maybe political chaos here at home at the moment with our European friends as we wrestle over
Brexit…but in Frankfurt as OWB met with their international partners for the 27th Annual Comvort
conference it was purely a case of friendships, fun and further collaboration as we discussed how we can
work together in the future to drive our businesses forward and best help our clients.

The conference, held in a different international city every year, always delivers a wonderful eclectic mix of
fascinating characters, engaging speakers and fabulous local hospitality and this year was no exception with
an intense 2 days discussion of a new tool to help brands identify their perfect customer profile.
If you thought you knew your brand and your target audience inside out – and more importantly how to
market to them – chances are you may not be quite as informed as you thought and this could mean
missing out on potential customers and sales opportunities.

Through a fascinating online interactive survey and series of workshops we learnt how to change
perceptions of our brand and fine tune our marketing messages to suit all customer types – the new tech
innovators, the safe and stable, the analysts and the relationship builders. Our brands and our customers all
fit somewhere into these categories and all subconsciously buy accordingly. Finding the right message to
suit each one is the key to business success and the BrandSync model delivers the tools to identify the
customers you might have missed to ensure you don’t miss them next time!

Of course no conference would be complete without a little local hospitality so when in Germany what
better way to sample the traditional fair than a spectacular underground wine cellar steeped in history and
wines from around the world with something to suit all our international partners! Much wine and fine
cuisine later it was award time – did I mention the small matter of being awarded International Agency of
the Year? Yes OWB received the coveted Comvort Nobel Prize too, what a fantastic way to end the
conference….now the only thing to do was to work out how to get it home!!

Much fun and learning was had by all and we look forward to meeting our partners again next year!