Content Marketing – The Recipe for Online Success

Content is an everyday requirement. Content can consist of anything from a conversation with a friend, to a newspaper or magazine article, an email promoting special offers, or an advert that helps you choose your perfect holiday destination.

Content makes the world go round…yes, it really does!

Content is King has long been Google’s mission statement.

Content in the web medium is used to attract readership, increase search engine visibility, engage audiences and persuade people to purchase.

Content marketing is considered to be the recipe to online success, but what are the key ingredients?

Content Rule #1 – Educate

Content that is educational is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy, your audience need to know what your business is about and why they should put their trust in you.
Content designed to educate can consist of a “How To” guide, lists and infographics; the idea being that you engage your audience with something they will genuinely find useful.

Content Rule #2 – Inform

Content should be informative and noteworthy. Content can be the difference between someone being considered an industry expert, and not, due to the speed in which news and other information is being shared through blogs and social networks.
Content can quickly become old news – remember that – and it is imperative that the publisher has their finger on the pulse.

Content Rule #3 – Entertain

Content in the form of entertainment such as video, audio, animation and even print can be extremely powerful – as long as you can make it enjoyable.
Content that both informs and entertains is proven to be a winning formula, this is the sort of information that people love to consume.

Content Rule #4 – Inspire

Content designed to educate, inform or entertain is usually found at the centre of any successful content strategy, but one objective that is often overlooked is to provide inspiration to your audience.

Content provides inspiration in many different ways, whether it is a story about someone overcoming adversity or showcasing the achievements of others.

Content is the start of the journey for any successful online marketing strategy – great content is easy to market and will lead to increased online visibility.

Content with your content; or can OWB help?

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