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How colours, typefaces and spacing on a website affect your customer’s experience?

The way a user feels when they visit your website is in your hands, or rather, in your designer’s hands. Web design not only requires creativity and a good eye, but it also relies on understanding design psychology and how your target market works. This shouldn’t be overlooked when putting a website design together. On […]

Bringing brands together – what makes a successful co-branding partnership? 

The talk of the nation is the merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda and how they will marry two brands into one, a marketing strategy known as co-branding. They now have the challenge of making a dual brand strategy work when each holds such distinctive brand propositions – Sainsbury’s has a predominant focus on quality, whereas […]

The Science of Social Timing

An integral part of any marketing plan is the crafting of engaging, memorable and inspiring content, that is fresh and relevant. This creates a solid foundation for creating meaningful connections with audiences, with the intention of building long lasting relationships. You need to exceed customers’ expectations and serve them with useful and highly engaging content […]

LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy

Are you making the most out of LinkedIn? We often hear feedback from clients that LinkedIn is beginning to turn into Facebook, with people sharing images and clickbait. However, what most of us are not aware of is the free search tool built within the platform. It allows the user to connect with their target […]

Logo trends for 2018

As mentioned in our most recent branding blog, good branding isn’t just about a good logo, it’s about so much more. Your logo is one of your most recognisable assets so it needs to be right and it needs to be good. Like anything in this world, logo trends are constantly changing and developing. Recognising […]

Developing the Twycross Zoo Brand

Rebranding is and always will be a slippery slope, just look at Airbnb. They found this out the hard way with some people taking to social media to express their thoughts, some referred to it as twee, whilst other pointed out the unflattering anatomical comparisons. However, when Twycross Zoo came to us in 2015 wanting […]

Why is a good brand important to your marketing strategy?

A Good branding strategy is more than just a memorable logo, good branding can increase the value of a company, provides the company direction and makes getting new business easier. Decades ago branding was simply defined as; a name, slogan, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of them all. Nowadays, defining what a brand is, […]

Hidden Logo Meanings

How many hidden logo meanings have you spotted? Logos are everywhere: on our clothes, on the items we use everyday and even on the food packaging that we buy. But have you ever wondered where the idea behind the logo came from and what they actually mean? Many of the logos that we recognise and […]

Should Chatbots be a fundamental part of your 2018 marketing strategy?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolving rapidly, more companies are integrating Chatbots as part of their marketing strategy. Firstly, you may be unfamiliar with the terminology Chatbots? They are in fact computer programs that enable customers to chat with a “bot”, as if they were talking to a real person, giving you instant answers to your […]

Birmingham Live #BigOnBrum

We’re BIG on Brum. And we’re also big on copywriting and brand positioning, demonstrated through our work helping to position and launch ‘Birmingham Live’ – the new digital channel for the Birmingham Mail, published by Britain’s largest newspaper group – Trinity Mirror. The aim was to better reflect the city of Birmingham with a live, vibrant, […]