All aboard the Southampton Boat Show

By 25th September 2017News

Another show and another great success for Princess Motor Yacht Sales. Events like these are a reminder that Princess really are making waves in all the right circles and continue to be a force in the worldwide Yacht market.
So once we’d carefully selected the perfect day’s weather, the intrigued OWB team, Shari, Bryony and the new recruit Claire high-tailed it to Southampton to do some serious reviews and reporting!
One of the most exciting developments in the world of Princess is their newly formed partnership with Bentley cars. When your company aligns themselves with huge brands like Bentley – whose own brand is globally synonymous with luxury, finesse, and excellence in manufacturing – you are served with a real reminder that you are indeed at the pinnacle of the industry.
Securing a three-year sponsorship deal with the Bentley brand, whose own advertising now boasts ‘design inspiration from luxury yachts’, is one of many key milestones in the Princess story, and one that promises to take the brand to even higher levels of success than they are already experiencing.
As promised the show impressed from the outset, 10 of their yachts were on the water displaying Princess’ world renowned elegance and style, each of their models catering for all their clients and potential buyer’s needs. The values of the company are well and truly encapsulated in their new Princess 55 and Princess 62 models which were both on display in Southampton for their global launch and showed just why Princess Yachts are where they are today.
Once again, the OWB team would like to extend a huge thank you to our client and friend at Princess Motor Yacht Sales for their continued support and hospitality, and wish them the best of luck at their event in the new year, the Dusseldorf boat show 21st – 29th January – which promises to be another huge success.
The team at Princess are fantastic, their hospitality is second to none, and the day was finished off in style with the lovely Michael chauffeuring the team back to the train station in the wonderful new Bentley Bentayga, an absolute pleasure!
Of course, in true OWB style we had to take a few photos to document this experience, who wouldn’t? We apologise in advanced for the shameful posing (not).